8/20/23Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. Eliminates Over $1.5 Million of DebtSolar Integrated Roofing Corp. Eliminates over $1.5 Million of DebtSIRC
6/10/21Sibannac, Inc. Returns 102,233,482 Reserved Shares Back to the Treasury after successful debt financing with Continuation Capital, Inc.Sibbannac, Inc. returns shares back to treasurySNNC
3/9/21Forbes Magazine: Strikeforce helps prevent hacking and data breaches with it's new video conferencing service SafeVchatAre Businesses Putting Their Data and Users at Risk Each Time They Use Video Conferencing?SFOR
2/2/21"Special thanks to our partners at Continuation Capital."StrikeForce Completes its Reg A Tier II Funding RoundSFOR