Check out our short 2-5 minute video tutorials about Regulation A+ offerings.

  • Laura Anthony, Esq.  The 6 Most Important Considerations for Your Reg A Offering for publicly trading companies.

    Run time: 22:24

  • Why Regulation A?
  • The difference between Regulation A and Regulation D
  • Regulation A’s variable pricing features
  • The difference between Tier-1 and Tier-2 Reg A offerings
  • How does the SEC define an accredited investor?
  • How does the SEC define non-accredited investors?
  • The Regulation A process—steps and timing
  • What companies are eligible for a Regulation A offering?
  • What is ‘Testing the Waters’ and how can TTW be most effectively used?
  • How does the SEC define ‘bad actors,’ and what are possible bad acts?

Investment and recapitalization opportunities.